Burnshield Dressing 20 x 20 Pack 10


Burnshield is a foam based dressing soaked in a sterile gel, supplied in a foil pouch.Provides cooling for pain relief and shock reduction It absorbs and dissipates heat which minimises burn damage. . It is clear and easy to assess the wound.

How to Apply

  • Open the sterile package.
  • Remove Foam Dressing from package.
  • Apply Foam Dressing over the wound.
  • Secure Foam dressing with non-adherent bandage.


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Burnshield Hydrogel Burns Dressing is for treating scalds and burns to the skin, ideal for emergency response. The gel is non-stick and will not adhere to the wound. It is a natural anti-bacterial: reduces infection and is also non toxic/irritant irritant.


  • Conforms to wound area
  • Fibreless elastic open-cell foam sheeting
  • Wound covering
  • Gel retention
  • Heat dissipation

What our clients say

"I called Stockmed to ask what dressing would be more suitable for my needs , the customer services were very helpful and knowledgeable. Order was placed and it was delivered quickly and efficiently, packaged excellently. I would highly recommend"

John Buckhurst Hill

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